My voucher code is displayed as invalid - why?

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Oops, that is annoying! There can be several reasons for this, depending on the error message displayed:

"The coupon code is invalid or does not exist"
With this message, the code was probably not transferred correctly. Try to mark the code, then copy and paste it into the voucher field to avoid errors during the transfer. Make sure that there is no space before or after the input.

"Sorry, the voucher code cannot be redeemed. Please note the voucher conditions"
Our vouchers are mostly bound to certain conditions. Some codes are e.g. only valid on certain articles or individual brands can be excluded.

Have you already used the code? Please note that each voucher can only be used once.
For the vouchers that we display directly in the banner, you will be redirected to the correct page. For all other promotion vouchers we always mention the exact conditions in the text marked by * .

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