My item is defect, how do I proceed now?

Tim Hendriks
Tim Hendriks
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We are very sorry - we will of course take care of your complaint immediately!

First, however, we ask you to rule out the possibility that your new favorite toy might only have a key lock or that a battery or pole change of the batteries could make a complaint superfluous. So feel free to take another look at the enclosed instruction manual.

Here are some tips:

Key lock

Please hold down the plus and minus button simultaneously for at least 5 seconds.
If the device vibrates and flashes briefly, then the lock has been successfully deactivated. Now you can press the upper button to turn on your Toy.
The first time you try this, you may have to do it 2 times.

Battery compartment

When inserting the batteries, please make sure that they are inserted the right way around. Sometimes the correct direction is only clearly visible on one side. On the other side, the correct, opposite direction may only be faintly printed and more difficult to see. Try to insert the batteries the other way around and then operate the toy. The screw cap of the battery compartment should also be firmly closed and locked.

If the instructions unfortunately did not solve the problem, check out the following article:

I have a complaint about a product, what can I do?

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